Leading Lives now offers a comprehensive support and assessment service for local authorities.

Leading Lives has significant experience in the provision of support for vulnerable adults, young people and their families. This includes not only the delivery of care packages but also assessments, training, advice and guidance for customers and their families. We are a trusted provider of social care support and work closely with a broad range of people, professionals and organisations across Suffolk and into our neighbouring counties.

Our support and assessment services include:

  • Care Act Initial Assessments
  • Annual Care Act Service Reviews
  • Eligibility decision records and Person Budget Assessments
  • Individual Service Funds & Direct Payment management
  • Individual Service Funds & Direct Payment set up
  • Support to complete local authority financial assessment forms

We have been a Trusted Provider Organisation, conducting Care Act reviews and assessments for Suffolk County Council, where we have been able to draw on our knowledge, experience and extensive community networks to develop more creative approaches to care and support plans.

We believe that every person is treated with respect and as an individual with their own unique needs and requirements. What works for one person may not work for another, which is why our unrivalled expertise, community knowledge and holistic approach to assessments, reviews and developing care and support plans is important.

Can we help?

If you would like to find out more about the services we can provide, please call us on

01473 406777 or email info@leadinglives.org.uk

Our team

Our Professional Service Assessors all have high levels of skill and expertise in building support packages with people, having an emphasis on independence, enablement and drawing on community networks. We apply all this knowledge and experience in providing customer assessment and service reviews. We are known for our holistic, community focused and creative approach. We have extensive knowledge of Direct Payments and Individual Service Funds.


Our service may be purchased on a contract or spot purchase basis.

Please call us on 01473 406777 to find out more.